Bruce Bent II: The New York Financial Investor Tycoon

Is your business in need of financial and scale growth? Have you ever heard of the magnificent and extraordinary Bruce Bent from New York? Well he is an amazing financial investor in the greater New York City area who strives to help the people around him to have a very successful and lucrative business. Bent has been involved in too many ventures that make him easily recognizable when around local businesses. Some of his amazing entrepreneur ventures include financial technologies, intellectual property, consumer goods, financial business consulting and health care.

All of his success would not be possible without his education because that is very important when it comes to creating companies and making sure they are successful. Bent attended Northeastern University in 1990 with a wonderful Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy. Bent was always an intelligent and hardworking student when it came to his important studies. He always made sure that he knew everything about the class material. Bent would always ask questions if he was confused or simply lost because he wanted to make sure he acquired the highest grade possible in each of his classes. He participated in a lot of class discussions and presentations which helped him to demonstrate a lot of useful skills which will eventually help him later in life.

After college, he immediately put himself to work and went with Double Rock Corporation in 1991. He started as a regular corporate executive where he would climb up the corporate ladder until he would eventually become the Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman and President for the company itself. He was in charge of spearheading all operations, relating to financial support and technology solutions to various retail markets that asked for their superb assistance and intelligent support. After being successful for so many years, Bent decided to have a side project, which eventually became known as B2 Consulting, LLC, where would have similar tasks like Double Rock Corporation but a much smaller scale. Bent would help small business and start-ups to catapult themselves to success and having the ability to expand to make a good amount of profit to stay in business. At the end of the day, Bent knows that he is helping his community and anyone else who wants to succeed in life.

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