Bruce Bent II Revolutionizes The Cash Management Industry

Bruce Bent II attended Northeastern University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. He has since been propelled into many entrepreneurial ventures that have allowed him to build a wide variety of experience and expertise in his field. He has worked in intellectual property, financial technologies, business and consumer consul times, healthcare financing, among many others.

He is a member of the Young Presidents Organization which is a peer network that interconnects almost 10,000 global leaders in business. He is also a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association and is involved with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan. He previous was the finance chairman of the Gotham Chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization and also served on the Presidents’ Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. During his time on the Presidents’ Advisory Council, he was an integral part in working to preserve the Hudson River and riverfront, and restore it to its original health.

Bent is recognized to be an accomplished CEO that has the experience to make an impact on any organization and lead it to success. He is known to be an innovative and technologically aware entrepreneur with success in business, financial, and market demands. He able to turn around profit, take appropriate risks, and propel companies toward the success they are striving for.

Bent is currently the Vice Chairman and President of the leading financial technology company, Double Rock Corporation. He has proven himself to be the industry’s most successful and progressive person that is able to improve cash management and cash related situations. Bent has several patents under his own name that considered to be foundation of all of Double Rock’s companies. His vision is highly influential and has led to many relevant products and technologies to be integrated into the financial services industry. It is due to these successes that Bent has been able to expand FDIC insured sweep programs and transform them into a cash management landscape that is currently a multi trillion dollar industry. Bent is also accredited with creating a contribution loan plan solutions that reduces borrowing by 25% in the company Access Control Advantage.

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