Arthur Becker Leads Development in Tribeca

Arthur Becker is taking on his first solo development project in New York this year as he takes to 465 Washington Street in downtown Manhattan. Becker has, of course, been one of the silent partners in the real estate game for some of the biggest developers in the city. Becker has been the backer to several large developments in recent years. Notably, Becker has worked with Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern on their Billionaires’ Row development which is located at 111 West 57th street. Becker has also worked with Maloney and Robert Gladstone on developments at Madison Equities. Now the focus will be on Becker as he transitions into the lead man.

Becker’s claim to fame in his career is actually hard to pin down. Becker started as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns where he made his first fortune buying and selling tech companies. Before long Becker was transitioning into a whole different ballpark of work. Becker’s invested in many things over the years including macadamia nut farms, ancient currencies, tech start ups and more. What’s most interesting about this career path is that it has led him to the most competitive real estate market in the United States — New York City.

Arthur Becker purchased 465 Washington Street with the intention to turn it into a boutique and luxurious condo building featuring eight different units. In order to get the building Becker had to buy the adjacent townhouses — one of which he will end up living in. Becker’s been working hard to make this solo development a reality and if all goes well it will be worth nearly $53 million as a selling price. This unique boutique salon will look to blend all of the things that make Becker who he is: artwork, passion, luxury, and a refined sheen of serenity over it all.

For entrepreneurs looking to break into the industry there are few better examples to follow than Arthur Becker. His insistence on pushing the limits, changing industries, and making his own way is a trait far more than admirable — it is downright required. You can visit Madison Partners.

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