Anthony Petrello: Success With A Golden Heart

Success usually comes at a great price. Hard work, determination, time, and self-sacrifice are some of the more obvious sacrifices that people make to succeed.

Success takes a lot of commitment and concentration to achieve, so successful people are often forgiven for overlooking some things like family, friendship, and community.

The more successful a person is, the more difficult it is to maintain normal relationships outside of work; there are some exceptions of course.

Tony Petrello is a shining example of those few people who almost have it all, a successful career, wealth, good health, and a wonderful family. This is a brief look at his life.

Early Life

Anthony Petrello comes from humble beginnings. His family was working class, and they lived in a low-income housing project. Tony Petrello became recognized as a mathematical genius from an early age, topping his class at the public school he attended in New Jersey.

He was also top of his class in high school; his performance was so good that he earned himself a full scholarship to Yale University.

Tony Petrello received his Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Yale University, whereas everyone had come to accept, he graduated top of his class.

He later got his masters from the same university, still in mathematics, which was his strongest subject from early on in his life. He got his Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School capping his glittering academic career.

He has a soft spot for his Alma mater, Yale University; he established an annual $150 000 prize in the field of Mathematics. The prize is his way of paying tribute to his old Mathematics professor who passed away a year ago.

Business Career

Much of his early professional life was spent working at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie, where he rose steadily through the ranks to become a managing partner.

He joined Nabors Industries Ltd. and true to form, rose through the ranks to become its deputy chairman by 2003. Tony Petrello is the current CEO of Nabors Industries after having previously served as the company’s president.

Nabors Industries Ltd has grown to become the largest land driller in the oil and energy business. This dynamic growth can be attributed in part to Tony’s exemplary leadership skills and business acumen.

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