Andrew Rolfe and His Involvement With Ubuntu fund.

Andrew Rolfe is a senior managing director and head of Private Equity at Tower Brook Capital Partners in the United States. He provides support to company operations and technical operations. After showing his interest to helping people, he was welcomed to join the Ubuntu Education Fund and was made the chairman.

Mr. Rofle has had leadership experience in administration. In 2006, he served as a member of the Executive Leadership Team and the president of The Gap Inc.’s International Division. His leadership in this firm was commendable since he was the one who made the company grow by implementing advanced international strategies. He also worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Booker Foodservice, vice president for the famous PepsiCo restaurants international and several KFC restaurants. Over time, he has accumulated wealth and vast leadership experience which has enabled him to invest as the Chairman of Ubuntu Educational Fund personally.

Ubuntu fund was founded by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula in 1999. This fund was started with the idea of helping out local schools in Cape Town and its suburbs with food supplies. Soon after, they discovered that this was not enough and they had to diversify into helping the community as a whole by addressing hunger issues, health and also education.

Andrew Rolfe has invested his time and money to helping the needy. His advice and counsel to the CEO Mr. Jacob Lief have assisted in running the organization smoothly and efficiently. He designed a model that had guidelines of how to tackle the issue on donations and funds granted to the group. This model was opposed to taking the donations from donors who had regulations on how their donated funds should be used, and after a fundraising had carried out recently, it proved to work well.

He is dedicated and loving to his work. This is evident since he has heavily invested in the Ubuntu Fund which is a non-profit organization. His personality of helping people serves well as a good leader to the people who rely on Ubuntu for help. He is responsible and gives back to the society and kids of South Africa who need help.

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