An Insight into Jacob Gottlieb, the Visium CIO

Gottlieb was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are polished immigrants who moved to the U.S in the 1960s. It is perhaps his parents’ success and specialty that influenced his interest in the realm of healthcare and economics. Both of his parents are successful professionals; his father Max being a professor of economics while his mother, Helena, a reputable paediatrician. Both his parents have played a key role in shaping his education and career pursuits.

Jacob Gottlieb become a budding entrepreneur at an early age. He participated and become the winner of the stock selection contest while in his 7th grade. After learning of this promising talent, his father entrusted him with his investment trading account in a bid to nurture the talent. After his secondary school, Gottlieb then pursued and furthered his interest in medicine and economics. He graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a Doctor of Medicine from NYU Medical School. Caught between the interests of medicine and economics, Gottlieb completed an internship program at St. Vincent’s Hospital but later decided to focus on economic career. He become a designated Financial Analyst (CFA) and finance professional in Wall Street.

Until 2016, Gottlieb maintained a low profile in his position as the CIO of the Visium Asset Management. Nonetheless, things changed in June 2016 when his name flaunted to the public as the firm he established was rocked by an enormous insider trading scandal. Although Gottlieb has been legally acquitted from the scandal, numerous of his partners have been scathed. In fact, Jacob Gottlieb stands out as the sole key executive still existing at Visium.

Besides working at Visium, he is also actively involved in a variety of New York-based not-for-profit organizations, including Math for America, Covenant house and Robin Hood Foundation.

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