Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Recently, the Chainsmokers released their popular hit “closer,” which featured the talented singer, Halsey. Some of their other top chart hits include; “Something just like this,” which features Coldplay, “Roses” “Paris” and “Don’t let me down,” which featured Daya. Instead of hiding behind a DJ, Alex and Andrew are trying to reveal themselves more and more as they release their music. They are also trying to expand their crowd and grow a bigger audience.

It didn’t take the duo group but on a couple of years to create a few popular hits that topped the charts.

Before the chainsmokers, Alex Pall had a passion for DJing, and he did it as a side job in New York. Andrew was afraid to try and make his music a career, but he realized that it was his passion and he wanted to pursue it, so one day he told his manager that he wanted to give it a shot. He quit his job and pursued what he loved. Shortly, his manager introduced him to his former member, Andrew.

Before the chainsmokers, Andrew lived in Maine. He was a college student with a dream of making it big in the music industry. He watched other DJs getting their big breaks, and it inspired him to continue his dream. He started producing and even put out a couple of songs. One day, he was told that the chainsmokers needed a second member, and so he hopped on a bus and headed to New York to meet Alex’s manager.

Alex explains their meeting as “Love at first sight.” They started creating music instantly, and it didn’t take them long to come up with their recent big hits. They are currently working on new music, in hopes of creating music that their fans can relate to.

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