Seacrest: From Timid Kid, to Pop Culture Icon

Ryan Seacrest has become a staple in today’s pop culture, from starting out as the host of American Idol, going on to host On Air with Ryan and Live with Kelly and Ryan , branching out into clothing and fashion with his lines Distinction and Polish and hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, everyone knows who Ryan Seacrest is. Along with his success in media, Seacrest has also created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to build radio studios that give access to pediatric patients to give them a creative outlet. Although being famous and fit is the 38 year old’s reality now, as a child Seacrest struggled with weight and confidence issues. From the overweight kid in Georgia who hid his body, to a fashion and pop culture icon, Ryan Seacrest’s journey has lead him to speak with Men’s Fitness about his life and how he keeps it all together.

When asked about his commitment to fitness, and how he fits it into his notoriously hectic schedule, Ryan Seacrest explains that working out sessions are treated like business meetings, and he will not let himself cancel. Another trick he uses throughout his busy day, is having different sets of workout gear and professional clothing in different locations. This allows him to easily meet his goal of being in the gym at least 5 hours a week, and still have time to shower and be at one of his numerous jobs.. Seacrest goes onto explain that he does not have a favorite exercise, but does like to change things up regularly. He enjoys swimming when he can, but also loves running, yoga and biking.

TV host Seacrest has admitted to being an avid food lover, some of his favorite snacks include vegetable juices, roasted nuts or anything crunchy, and occasionally peanut M&M’s. His go to cheat food is Mexican food, but he likes switching up his cheat days to include pasta or pizza. Seacrest states that balance is an important part of everyone’s physical and emotional well-being. Balance with family, career and health will allow a person to be successful and feel fulfilled.

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Milan Kordestani: Innovative and Determined

Milan Kordestani is small in years but big in dreams.

Born in Stanford, California, Milan’s parents divorced when he was very young.

The two decided to move Milan to England.

However, one year later, Milan moved back to California where he attended high school in Atherton and graduated class of 2017.

Although he is only 19, Milan is known for keeping busy.

He has a thriving career at the Huffington Post, cranking out articles on the topics of

  • mental health
  • politics
  • agriculture

When he isn’t writing for the Post, Milan is attending classes at Colorado College or riding horses.

He is an equestrian who is internationally known and currently has three wins under his belt. They are:

  • a 3rd place in 2015 at the American Royal

an impressive 2nd place win at the World’s Champion Horse Show in 2016

Milan hasn’t yet won any blue ribbons, but he has his sights set on one.

People, such as Betts Coup of The National Horseman, feel that a blue ribbon is well within Milan’s reach because he has excellent form, advances quickly, and rapidly meets any goals that he sets.

When the college student isn’t taking classes, writing, or riding, he is hard at work on his farm, Milan Farms.

Milan created Milan Farms while he was still a sophomore in high school.

He was only 16.

However, age doesn’t stop Milan.

He is known for being an open and honest businessman and for implementing the best possible practices for raising his crops.

His chickens are raised humanely, and his crops – saffron and mint – are grown 100% organically.

Milan is currently experimenting with more innovative ways of growing saffron, however.

His research and experimentation with growing the herb hydroponically has seen much success.

When he decides to move forward with growing his saffron on sponges, he will become the first person in the world to ever do so.

Bob Reina: You Are In Command Now

Bob Reina has never been the kind of person that is going to get discouraged or defeated by anything in life. After all, he is a former police officer. Because of this, he has learned how to develop a thick skin and be ready for anything. That is why I can’t think of anyone that is better suited for the job of CEO and founder of Talk Fusion than Bob Reina, the all-in-one video marketing company. He knows how to get himself out of a tough situation and turn a positive into a negative. Bob Reina has made it known he does not like to live in the past and he does not like to dwell on the negative.


Instead, he is looking ahead at what the future holds for this company. As of this present time, they have features such as video newsletters and video conferences. These are two ways in which customers can reach their clients. They have a variety of other ways they can reach people as well, but these are two of the most popular ones. Bob Reina had the brains and the courage to go after this back in 2007 before everything became the way it is now. These days, you can’t look at five people without seeing one of them on their phone.


A lot of them use them for pleasure, but some use them for business. Bob Reina knew people could use them for business, and they could reach people from all over the world. That was the ultimate goal of Talk Fusion: to help people’s dreams come true. A lot of people want to work from home and spend more time at home. That is where they feel the most comfortable and it is where they feel like people understand them and love them. When it comes to their job, they feel like someone could fire them tomorrow and the company would not even bat an eyelash.


They want to be in charge of their future and they want to be in charge of what is happening with their income. When they are in charge of their own business, it is a whole lot easier for that to occur. Learn more:










Anil Chaturvedi: Hinduja Banks Efficient Managing Director

Anil Chaturvedi is a successful managing director who originated from India. He helped companies across Asia, North America, and Europe to have an efficient way of transmitting funding and development that improved their economy. He has more than four decades of experience working in the banking sector, and over time, he developed skills that made him one of the most effective bankers in the history of Hinduja Bank.

Anil Chaturvedi graduated from the Delhi University in 1973, taking up a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic Honors and an MBA in Financial Management. After he graduated from the university, he started looking for jobs and ended up working for several financial institutions. A big leap from his career in the banking industry took place in 1987 when he was hired as the manager for development and planning at the State Bank of India. He worked for the company from 1987 to 1991, and his responsibilities include the creation of an effective marketing strategy that would assist non-resident Indians who are doing business in the United States. New companies emerged in the Indian-American business community, and he was honored as the Man of the Year because of his contributions to the growing number of India-owned business in the United States.

After four years of experience with the State Bank of India, he transferred to the ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York. He worked as the Vice President & Senior Representative for US Operations, and his responsibility revolves around the leading of the bank operations. He worked with the company for only two years and decided to quit because of an opportunity coming from Merill Lynch. His employment with Merill Lynch was the longest in his career, serving the company for 18 years. He transferred later on to Hinduja Bank in 2011 and worked as the managing director up until the present. Anil Chaturvedi stated that he does not have any plans of retiring yet because he is enjoying his life being a leader in the banking industry. Anil Chaturvedi received several awards and recognition for his contribution to the banking industry, and he is proud of the milestones that he achieved.