End Citizens United Fights Rick Scotts Use of a SuperPAC to Skirt Campaign Finance Laws

End Citizens United continues to fight against the landmarks Supreme Court Ruling that allowed for the creation of SuperPACs, by filing a lawsuit agaist Rick Scott. The complaint was filled with the Federal Election Commission, the organization that oversees election campaigns. The complaint alleges that Scott skirted rules that prevent SuperPACS from working with any one campaign directly.

Rick Scott was the chariman of the New Repulican PAC before he annouced his decision to run for Senate. After he annouced his canidacy the SuperPAC pledged to support him as much as possible. SuperPACS are allowed to raise as much money as they like and to donate to whomever they like, but canadiates are not allowed to work directly with a SuperPAC. The complaint alledges that if Rick Scott had not been the chairman of the SuperPAC, that New Reblicans would not have donated $78 million dollars to his campaign.

End Citizens United has documents that support there assertion that Rick Scott is more intersted in raising funds and skirting the law than he is in actually running a good campaign and being a good senator. They assert that he is funneling “soft money” into a SuperPAC and then having it donated to his campaign. This money, they alledge would normally be used for the next Presidential campaign, rather than Scott’s senatorial campaign. Scott’s relationship to the Super PAC is suspect and the Federal Election Commision will investigate this complaint and give voters the important information they deserve to know.

Regardless of the outcome of the ruling by the Federal Election Campaign, End Citizens United is continuing to fight for the little guy and do their part to overturn the ruling that led to the use of SuperPACS. This complaint is just one example of the ways that End Citizens United is working to expose corruption in campaign finance and uphold the principles on which they were founded.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

Robert Deignan Possesses All the Tools Needed to be a Successful Business Owner

Robert Deignan is a fairly prominent figure in the technology business. The entrepreneur and co-founder of ATS Digital Services has been in the industry for well over a decade. It is safe to say that he is an expert when it comes to the tech world.

Robert new he had aspirations of being an entrepreneur early on in his life. He started his first company just a few years removed from college. He attended Purdue University and graduated with a B.S. in Business Management. Though he was only with Fanlink for a short time he learned valuable lessons relating to what it takes to be a successful business owner. He knew he had what it took he just needed more experience.

After leaving Fanlink he joined iS3 Inc. and served as the executive vice president. He looked at the time he spent at iS3 as a stepping stone towards his ultimate goal of owning his own tech company. Without experiences like these early on in his career there’s no guarantee he would be excelling in his current role as co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, LLC. In 2011, after feeling he had enough knowledge and experience, he took a leap of faith and started ATS.

ATS is a well rounded digital tech company when it comes to resolving tech issues. No matter the problem ATS probably can probably solve it. Robert built ATS on the concept of providing outstanding customer service and excellent results. What separates ATS from the competition is just how versatile it is. ATS can even solve tech issues remotely. And if you don’t want to give ATS access to you system then you can request someone come to your home to resolve the issue. ATS is all about meeting the customer’s needs no matter what.


Vinod Gupta – A Role Model For Budding Entrepreneurs

Vinod Gupta is a Managing General Partner at Everest Group, where he oversees venture capital opportunities for database technology startups. As someone who thoroughly understands risk-benefit approach to new businesses, he also acquires struggling businesses to help them overcome shortcomings. In fact, Mr. Gupta has been touted by former President Bill Clinton for his inclusive hiring practices and his support for undeserved population.


Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta


The Success Story

Born in 1946, in India, Vinod Gupta graduated from University of Nebraska. After graduation, he worked for a mobile home manufacturing company. Utilizing his role as a Market Research Analyst, Vinod Gupta created an informational database for mobile home companies, which eventually proved extremely successful because such information was not available in the market. Utilizing the opportunity, Mr. Gupta took only $100 loan from a local bank and started his own direct mail order business to provide information to businesses in a variety of fields.

Despite the concerns of his friends and acquaintance, who believed that such a business model could not succeed, Mr. Gupta’s idea became an instant success. Building his business on the similar lines, he gradually built a multi-million-dollar company, InfoUSA, which was eventually sold for $680 Million. After selling the company, Vinod Gupta started Focus Group; another business venture which took Vinod’s vision one step further by providing financial support to like-minded tech companies that seek to use database technology.


Vindo Gupta’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

In a recent interview, he gave useful advice to new entrepreneurs, asking them to focus on cost-benefit analysis before starting a new business. As for new businesses, he insists that managers should compensate their employees for their efforts because it is the most important motivational factor that will keep the employees loyal to the company. For existing businesses, Mr. Gupta suggests that maintaining a brand identity is important even when the identity is tarnished. As such, managers can recover brand identify by sorting out shortcomings instead of building a new brand. Click Here for more information on Vinod Gupta


View Source: http://www.everestusa.net/team/profile/vinod-gupta


OSI Group’s President: David McDonald

David’s education and work background

David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, LLC is also the CEO and board director. At Marfig Global; Foods S.A, he serves as independent director while ta North America Meat Institute, he is chairman. He was born in the Iowa state and also raised there. Besides agriculture, he had an interest in biology hence his decision to join Iowa State University and pursue animal science and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. After college, he started working at OSI Group, and his work ethic has helped him climb the ladder.

OSI Group’s operations

OSI Group operates globally by supplying protein products that have been added value to major food companies like Yum and Burger King. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It got its first customers by upholding standards of high quality and has maintained them by ensuring all products are good enough for use by individuals. It invests a substantial amount of time in winning customer trust and understanding their needs, as part of its marketing strategy.

David enhancing OSI Group’s sustainability

David McDonald has facilitated remarkable enhancements in OSI Group’s departments of production and processing. He has created a worldwide network with firms from all over the globe. He has ensured the management team of regional offices have the rich understanding of local consumer’s tastes and cultures. In China; he is set to make OSI Group the largest producer of poultry with the addition of two facilities. He has also facilitated a joint venture deal with DOYOO Group which helped launch DaOSI, improving its operations in poultry production.

OSI Group’s acquisition

David facilitated the purchase of Baho Foods which he said gave OSI Group a broader presence in the European market, with its unbeaten track record of 60 years. He added that Baho Foods’ product portfolio and brand complemented OSI’s processing strengths and widened their capabilities to serve the changing needs of their customers in the best manner. The Managing Director and managers of Baho Foods remained with the business to assist OSI in developing a growth strategy for the joined companies. In his tenure, OSI Group has also acquired Tyson Foods, a company based in Chicago. It was set to close down and leave over 500 people jobless, but David supervised its evolution which left the employees’ jobs secure. Another European company acquisition, Flagship Food Group brought additional market share to OSI Group.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Gregory James Aziz Is A Canadian Business Guru

Mr. Greg Aziz, otherwise called Greg James Aziz, is one of the longest-serving workers at the National Steel Car. He fills in as the administrator and CEO of this driving organization in the improvement of railroad cargo auto designing. Before joining the National Steel Car, Mr. James Aziz worked for a budgetary firm in New York. It was while working in this organization that he wound up familiar with National Steel Car. His first association with this gathering started when sorting out the procurement of National Steel Car from Dofasco. He later took up a dynamic part of the organization and turned into its leader. This businessperson likewise volunteers to nearby philanthropies in Ontario. Mr. Gregory Aziz utilizes his impact at the National Steel Car to assemble benefactors.


National Steel Car is glad to call Hamilton, Ontario, our home. We’re focused on building a network, the Hamilton Opera, supporting Theater Aquarius, Salvation Army, the United Way, and various other nearby philanthropies. A great many representatives, at multiple times, take part in our significant sustenance drive to help neighborhood nourishment banks. Be that as it may, our most grounded commitment to our locale is a great many well-paying employments that straightforwardly help southern Ontario families.


Mr. James Aziz has empowered the National Steel Car to encounter noteworthy development. Through substantial authority and group building, and through significant human and capital speculations. Work over a similar period developed from around 600 to very nearly 3,000. Today, because of its constant quest for magnificence, National Steel Car makes a vast number of new railroad cargo autos every year, worked by persevering and devoted representatives.


Gregory James Aziz would likewise fill in as a contact between the rail business and the Canadian Parliament to help the railroad business turn into a more secure work environment. James Aziz needed to help tank autos have the capacity to transport combustible fluids in a safer and more grounded way. Additionally, attempted to help rail autos turn out to be all the more earth amicable. He could decrease carbon discharges and water utilization by a fantastic aggregate of 90%.


As Canadian agriculturists offer their grains into an aggressive worldwide market, one of the greatest hindrances to their prosperity is the wastefulness of our present railcar armada for conveying grains. We trust the best method to improve Canadian grain ranchers’ aggressive position in world markets is to supplant this present Canadian grain auto flotilla, which is old. It’s past its valuable life. It is wasteful from an assortment of outlooks. See This Article for more information.

Peter Briger, Fortress Investment’s billionaire with a big heart

If you stay on tabs on what is taking place in the world of finance, then the name Peter Briger definitely rings a bell. Peter Briger commonly referred by his close associates as Pete, is a household name in the sector thanks to his unique area of expertise. If you still have no idea whom we are talking about, Peter Briger is one of Fortress investment top dogs or rather, the current co-chairman and principal of the asset management firm.

Peter Briger’s role at Fortress Investment

Based in San Francisco, Peter Briger’s top-notch skills and input have contributed to the monumental success of Fortress investment group. He joined the firm in 2002 and ever since then, he has created an incredible track record of investing in distressed assets and bad debts. In other words, Peter Briger is daring enough to venture into areas which most investors tend to shy away from which is why this is his primary role in the company. In a layman’s language, what Peter Briger does is procure someone else’s trash, turn it into gold and then later sells it at profitable prices or adds it to one of Fortress’s many assets. He has done this with a long string of banks and non-performing assets in other industries which are on the verge of collapse and then turns them into fortunes.

Career growth

His proficiency can be attributed to his academic accreditations and previous experiences. For instance, he is a graduate of the Princeton University and holds a BA from the same facility and is also an MBA holder from the esteemed University of Pennsylvania Wharton school of business. Also prior to Fortress, Peter Briger worked as an executive at Goldman Sachs for more than a decade a factor that plays a significant role in his successful career because here is where he mastered the art of investing in distressed assets.

Thanks to its five principals led by Wes Edens and Peter Briger, Fortress investments can be termed as a business for all seasons because it performs incredibly well in all stages of the dynamic economic cycle. For instance, when business is low, Mr. Briger takes advantage by investing in bad debts and when it’s high they equally generate revenue by selling the assets procured early and at the same time focus on other areas of operations. It goes without saying that all this success has helped Peter Briger amass massive wealth and with a net worth of $2.3 billion, Mr. Briger ranks position 407 on Forbes list of world self-made billionaires.

A man with a big heart

Nevertheless, underneath all the wealth and success, Peter Briger still understands the essence of education and its impact on the community. He also wants to create a self-sustainable future for the younger generations. That is why together with two other Princeton alumni’s they joined the Alumni entrepreneurs fund through which he helps shape the future of budding startups by funding their ideas. That positively impacts their lives as they can now take the path of self-reliance and help others who need help on the way too. Besides that, he is an executive of the Silicon Valley leadership council and also a board member of the council of foreign relations. All these are non-profit foundations set up with the aim of funding various charity courses. He is indeed a force to reckon and a source of inspiration to many.

Equities First Holdings services in Australia

One of the greatest achievements of affordable business financing is that it allows many people to engage in business activities. Consequently, they assist in contributing to the positive development of the country. Equities First Holdings is a firm that is assisting businesses to grow. By offering affordable financing, they are allowing many businesses to go out of their way in providing effective business solutions. Equities First Holdings is a lending firm that is providing alternative lending services. Unlike traditional commercial banks which have tightened their lending regulations, this firm is assuring its borrowers that it is going to provide services which are far much better than the traditional banks.

Equities First Holdings needs a borrower to have shares in a publicly traded company. The equities-based loans that they offer are far much effective since they attract a low-interest rate which is fixed. Comparing these types of loans with those offered by other banks leaves one with one conclusion; it is better to work with EFH than the commercial banks. Loans from commercial bank normally earn very high-interest rates which keep on fluctuating. Equities First Holdings has opened offices in various parts of the world. One of the places where they have offices is in Australia.

Psi Pay Is Paving The Way For A More Secure And Accessible Digital Wallet

Psi Pay is an innovative company that is working for every day people to ensure that personal finance is more convenient and affordable. While many people might not understand the value of having a digital wallet, more and more people are coming around to their benefits. A digital wallet makes keeping track of everything convenient, and people can use them to house their case, debit, credit, or loyalty cards. By being able to replace a variety of cards and paperwork with one single mobile device, users are finding they are having an easier time with keeping everything organizes and secure.


Psi Pay understands that the European version of a digital wallet allows people to carry cash balances as well as hold a variety of currencies in them. Users can also attach their debit cards to them and withdraw money from ATMs. Most European users of digital wallets use them to pay for services or products, and these digital wallets can be used to transform cryptocurrencies. Users can also deposit money onto their digital wallet by charging it to their credit card. While a European digital wallet might not offer its users all of the same benefits they would get from a conventional bank, some users are relying on their digital wallet as their only banking option. While this may be true, it does require the person or company to live in a region where the majority of service providers and retailers accept payments from a mobile device.


Psi Pay is a Fintech company that is paving the way for an easier to use and more secure digital wallet and offers services to, both, regional and global users. Authorities in Britain have authorized Psi Pay to issue electronic funds, and this has caused the company to experience a large period of growth. This means that the American Style of digital wallet will be growing in popularity, as well. While this kind of digital wallet doesn’t typically hold cash, it can be attached to credit or debit cards and can then be used through a mobile device to initiate transactions. Sensitive information and is protected when an American enters their credit card information.


Digital Political Fundraising- NGP Van

The political sector has also been taking changing, and it has also transformed especially when it comes to organizing. Political organizing has changed from labor modifier to polished. Technology now allows a candidate to use data to connect to supporters in their campaign. The model used allows the candidates to locate their supporters and convince them to vote for them during the election day. The use of social media, technology as well as big information was widely used during the election and the re-election of former United States of America President Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012. NGP Van was in the front line in organizing the campaign.



NGP Van was established with a primary purpose of helping candidates who are running for political office to run for their position successfully. For successful political campaigns, NGP Van assists the Democrats to utilize the mobile as well as web tools available fully. NGP VAN is a database company which is located in Washington DC and is mostly used by Democrats in their political campaigns. Besides being used by politicians in the United States, NGP is also used in Canada by the Liberal Party, as well as labor unions and progressive groups. The technology company is of great advantage to the Democrats and others who use their services as they are able to get data-driven campaigns which are authorized by technology. Technology has been changing and it is also necessary for politicians to keep up with the change. Political parties must stay notified of the technology trends to avoid falling during the campaigns. It might seem very easy to use the same methods of campaigns which were used in the past to win the elections, but the reality is technology has been changing and the same style can lead to failure.


NGP Van is a leader in the provision of technology for the Democrats. The organization is privately owned and it is responsible for providing database as well as web hosting services. In 2010 NGP Van was established by merging NGP Software which was founded in 2007 by Nathaniel Pearlman. NGP Van also conducts fundraising for non-profit organizations a platform that was launched in 2014 and it was named Every Action Fundraising Management.



Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff-A Blistering Piece by Sean Penn

Sean Penn is one of the most decorated writers, actor, producer, and director you will ever meet in life. Penn, who has always had a thing for acting, broke the barriers when he took up his writing role. Today, Penn has something more than a fancy title to his name. He is the author of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” a novel that has fascinated readers from all walks of life.

The book which outlines the story of a septic-tank salesman cum contract assassin has gotten termed by many as a riddle within an enigma. Huh, what a combination! Sean, the brains behind the novel has written a poem dubbed “MeToo,” material that has evoked a lot of mixed reactions among the masses.


All of this hullaballoo is pretty new to Sean, given that Penn has spent a lot of his time on film rather than on writing. Regardless, Penn feels confident about his abilities primarily because all the ideas outlined in the novel are as original as they come.


Sean has found writing to be a thrill. As opposed to acting, writing gives you a one-off opportunity to express yourself. Therefore, you do not have to prove yourself to anyone like in a film. Penn, who has since lost interest in film, is now concentrating on his career in putting pen to paper. At the moment, Sean Pen is creating yet another book that will hit the headlines like his first.


Mr. Penn, who has also coined a reputation of being a straight talker, has always wanted something challenging, and film production is not that thing anymore. Sean terms showbiz as a field that only encourages self-censoring rather than creativity. Penn, who has since distanced himself from film production, is now a free soul, an individual who can exploit his God-given abilities to the fullest.



The ‘ex-actor’ has his sights set on American politics. Recall, Sean is as straightforward as they come. Therefore, there is no way Sean Penn will mince his words in an atmosphere ravaged by a lot of political atrocities and animosity. Unknown to many is that Sean is also a philanthropist.


2010 is the year and Haiti the place where it all broke down. Penn set up shop in Haiti shortly after the earthquake to help the affected rebuild their lives. Haiti is now better than ever all thanks to Sean and many others who gave their all to see a country ravaged by calamity prosper.


Mr. Sean, who also owns a Non-profit Organization, has been able to boost humanitarian and relief efforts in Haiti since 2010, something that always makes Penn feel accomplished. Many people might term Sean as one hell of a strange guy but the bottom line is that Penn knows who he is.