2 Awesome Facts About Waiakea Water

Bottled water can be seen in homes, with people on bus stops, in grocery stores, in gyms, in schools and on work sites too. Since water is something that everybody must drink in order to cure their thirst, botted water is really not a luxury but a necessity today. Especially, when people cannot get to a drinking fountain to find water to quench their thirst. So, it is not uncommon to see a wide range of manufacturers producing bottled water that they can sell.

As a result of this need, people can choose which bottled water that they prefer. However, it is also important that everyone knows that all companies and bottled water resources are not the same. So, if you want to know where the source of your bottled water is actually coming from, you may want to do a little extra research in advance. This is especially true if you want a bottled water that has a reputation for being some of the purest water on earth. One in which is currently known by the name of Waiakea Water. So, here are a few facts about Waiakea Water and its source.

Fact #1 – Known by More than One Name

If you are looking to buy a bottle of Waiakea water, you may also find that there is more than one name. Two of the more commonly known are hawaii volcanic water and waiakea water ph. This is because its water source comes from the state of Hawaii, and it is naturally produced from a volcano. So, if you are looking to find the source that it came from, you will also find that this water is also associated with volcanic water benefits. Some of which are related to the nutritional value that’s naturally contained in it including minerals that the body needs.

Fact #2 – Packaging Follows Higher Standards than other Bottled Water

Another important to thing to know about Waiakea Water is that it bottled in sustainable packaging. Therefore, the manufacturers and the distributors are also a big part of reducing landfills and waste around the world.


Todd Lubar: An Active Businessman and Philanthropist

TDL Global Ventures LLC is one of the most competitive companies in the field of real estate, finances, and investment. The company experienced fast growth in the last few years, and they owe their success to their president, Todd Lubar. He is a popular businessman in the industry because of how he manages his company. He is the president of the TDL Global Ventures LLC, and he is also serving as Legendary Investments’ senior vice president. His role with these companies highlights his ability to become an effective leader, and because of his skills and expertise in doing business, he knew that the companies he led would keep on becoming successful. For more details visit Inspirery.

He is currently based in Potomac, Maryland, and Lubar is actively participating in a lot of philanthropic works that are dedicated to the local population. He is one of the most charitable people in the city, and he has contributed a lot to the people living in Potomac. He knew that helping these people would change their lives, and he also wanted to become a part of their transformation. He would also provide scholarship programs to children who wanted to go to school, and he is raising them to become responsible members of the society. By inspiring the people, he knew that he would be able to change the society as a whole. Check out angel.co

Starting a career in the financial sector, he stated that he is now more comfortable working with the real estate sector. Todd Lubar, who is a graduate of Syracuse University, had previous working experience in the banking sector. He is active with the departments who are processing mortgage and construction banking. However, he decided to move out of the industry and set up his own business which would lead to him being recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the country. Today, he is using his business to help the people who would want to buy their properties. Todd Lubar keeps on excelling in the field of business, and he believes that he can do better and place his company in a higher position. He is now working to make his company a global player.

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Obsidian Energy Has New Business Sheriff In Town

Change has not only occurred, but it will continue to occur, formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., is now Obsidian Energy a Canadian gas and oil producer. More than just the name has changed from Penn West Petroleum. Now Obsidian, the entire organization has under gone a major change from the ground up. The company has reduced assets the be a leaner, faster moving company. Obsidian has changed and restructured every single aspect of the organization and they want everyone in the world to know that they are not who they once were.


Obsidian Energy is now an intermediate sized organization that has a premium, diversified portfolio of high calibre assets that yield about 30k of boe day. By now being an intermediate company structured to maneuver as a small enterprise, Obsidian has the necessary, flexible attitude to change and grow to keep pace and succeed in the ever-changing, energy industry.


While Obsidian Energy used to have over 30 production areas they now focus on four. These had been their most profitable production areas and have the most proven oil reserves. The areas in which they work have some of the largest oil reserves on the planet. These four production areas are Pembina Cardium, Deep Basin, Alberta Viking, and Peace River Oil Sands


Obsidian Energy is priming themselves for the challenge and they are more than ready to meet the challenges that come with operating within this complex, ever-changing, energy industry.


One great thing about Obsidian Energy is that even though it maneuvers like a small enterprise, they still take pride in being held accountable to their shareholders. Obsidian’s accountability is a shining manifestation of the passion in how they work within and outside the company with respect to communities and business partners. Obsidian’s passion is the tangible manifestation of their superior work ethic, far surpassing their industry peers.


It was time for Penn West Petroleum Ltd., to open up to the world and show how they have become this strong, rising phoenix (Obsidian) they’ve evolved into over the past few years. Obsidian has completely shed their past, with no trace elements of Penn West Petroleum. Read This Article for additional information.


Mr. David French (new CEO) is laying down the law and letting everyone know that the new sheriff is in town and they are doing things a different way now. There are no more ghosts of the past, “This year marks a new beginning for us, and we are excited to turn the page on a new chapter,” David French said in a press event.


Check them out on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obsidian-Energy-Ltd/686118968246981

Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillars to Financial Stability

Richard Dwayne Blair grew up always knowing that he wanted to help people. In his younger years he saw that education was important, and he also saw the impact of teaching from his mother and grandmother. After college he started his career in the financial industry. A year later he opened his own business, Wealth Solutions Inc., which has been helping people gain financial stability ever since.

Richard Dwayne Blair organized a plan that him and his clients would follow to gain the stability that they hope to achieve. Richard Dwayne Blair set up three pillars for a success. Even knowing that each financial goal is different, these pillars are sure to improve the finances of the everyday person.

Step 1 in Richard Dwayne Blair’s 3 step process is for him to get to know his clients more. He figures out their strengths, weakness, and over goal that they are trying to achieve. During this step Richard Dwayne Blair builds a trustworthy relationship with his clientele. He gets a clear understanding of who they are and where they hope to be, financial wise, at the end of the journey.

The second pillar is to put what Richard Dwayne Blair learned in his initial meet with his clients. He puts forth a custom made strategy to get the clients on the right track of financial stability. At this point he moves things around to maximize their earning potential and so that they will have the lowest impact of a negative market change. He then compares to see if the path he has set for them is leading them into the right direction.

The third and last pillar is more focused on insurance. Richard Dwayne Blair and his clients both know that insurance is needed to truly have financial stability. He helps them prepare for what may come in life so that it will be a low impact on their lives as possible. He gives them advice on the different types of insurance that can be beneficial to their lives.

Read more about Richard Dwayne Blair: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair

Avaaz and Diverse Subjects

Avaaz is the name of a civic group that was created in the winter of 2007. It’s in the United States in New York. The organization, in spite of that, caters to people in all kinds of international locations. It encourages international activism that relates to all types of subjects. These are animal rights, human rights, climate change, conflict, poverty and corruption. The Guardian is a newspaper that comes out each day in the United Kingdom. This publication called Avaaz the planet’s strongest and biggest Internet activist platform. Avaaz is a moniker that has deep symbolism, too. The group’s name symbolizes the “voices” of human beings. Res Publica helped set up Avaaz.org. This is a group of people who are part of the public sector world. They aim to encourage strong civic virtue, democracy and governance. MoveOn.org is the other organization that was behind the establishment of Avaaz.org. MoveOn.org is a not-for-profit entity that backs public policies that are progressive. It comes from the United States.

Service Employees International Unit backs Avaaz.org as well.  Some of the specific people who make up the team that created Avaaz are Tom Perriello, Andrea Woodhouse and David Madden. Perriello in the past was a congressman for the state of Virginia. Madden, on the other hand, is a businessman who comes all the way from Australia. Avaaz has a board that’s made up of people like Sam Barratt, Ian Bassin and Ricken Patel. Patel functions as the President of the board at the moment. He’s the group’s Chief Executive Officer, too. Patel has a background that’s both British and Canadian. He went to Balliol College at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He learned about economics, philosophy and politics. He went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and secured a master’s degree in a topic that’s known as public policy.

Patel has been part of the International Crisis Group in various areas of the planet. He’s represented the organization in Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Avaaz is an organization that has not taken any corporation or foundation donation money for close to 10 years now. It doesn’t take any payments that exceed $5,000, either. The group depends on the kindness of specific members. Avaaz puts together international campaigns that are set up by campaigners who are situated in more than 30 different nations. Some of these countries are Brazil, the United Kingdom, Lebanon and India. These campaigners get in contact with group members through email. They make use of a number of campaigning methods, too. They make use of email, videos and even Internet public petitions.This group strives to bring together individuals from all different corners of the Earth. It frequently backs progressive matters.

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GoBuyside Inc., Recruitment for the 21st Century

Founded in 2011, GoBuyside Inc. is a company that assists in recruiting candidates for companies working within the financial and investment sector. GoBuyside employees individuals with varied educational and work experience backgrounds which enables them to better serve a diverse group of clients and provide them with the best candidates to suit the client’s needs. GoBuySide prides themselves with being a “21st century recruitment platform” (https://www.gobuyside.com/employers). GoBuySide works on a global scale to match clients with the best job candidates through networking with over 10,000 firms located in over 500 cities (https://www.gobuyside.com/about). Clients can rely on GoBuyside to help successfully narrow a company’s candidates and provide them with the best possible people to interview and through their extensive vetting process will provide the most experienced candidates available in the financial environment (https://www.gobuyside.com/employers).

GoBuyside Inc., is able to recruit the most talented candidates for clients by first having potential candidates create a confidential online profile listing their education, work history, credentials, and interests (https://www.gobuyside.com/candidates). Once an online profile is created candidates have the opportunity to network with other professionals and view potential job opportunities (https://www.gobuyside.com/candidates). Candidates also have access to GoBuyside professionals who are willing to help guide and inform them about open positions that will best suit their interests and experience, also available is a platform where candidates can effectively pursue opportunities through the GoBuyside recruitment team and technology (https://www.gobuyside.com/candidates). By utilizing this online platform GoBuyside is able to reach the most amounts of diverse candidates for clients while still maintaining a thorough vetting process. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

In addition to helping clients and candidates find the best employment to suit their needs, GoBuyside can also provide consulting advice on a variety of business topics including; selling a business, raising capital, managing a business, growing a business, starting a business, and researching a market (https://www.gobuyside.com/consulting). Listed above are just some of the consulting avenues that clients can utilize through GoBuyside, potential clients can also access the company’s website and request what type of consulting project they are interested in and can expect to be contacted by the company with 24 hours (https://www.gobuyside.com/consulting).

GoBuyside is an excellent tool for both clients and candidates looking for help negotiating employment opportunities within the financial sector. With easy online access and contacts worldwide, GoBuyside is able to advise and help employ the best financial candidates which is mutually beneficial to both those who are hiring and those being hired. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

Visit: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Gobuyside-Inc/Jobs


The field of medicine has without a doubt greatly benefited from the many advancements in technology that have been witnessed in the last two or three decades. Diagnosis, surgery and treatment have not only become easier for the doctors, but also for patients. The treatment of prostate cancer is one such field that has seen immense growth through technology.

The removal of cancerous prostates using the Robotic Prostatectomy method is one the most advanced as it involves the use of fibre optics from start to finish. At the forefront of Robotic Prostatectomy is Dr. David Samadi, a renowned surgeon and urologist. Dr David Samadi is widely known for having developed his signature technique known as the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) which brings together the principles of oncology and open radical prostatectomy to build an innovative robotic surgery technique.

Using the SMART technique, Dr. David Samadi is able to target specific cancerous prostates and remove them while leaving behind minimal risk of complications from damage in the tissues neighboring the affected area. This also ensures there is minimum scarring and side effects that would arise from other tumor removal methods like radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The SMART technique goes to ahead to guarantee minimal blood loss and pain during and after the procedure. The patient is able to leave the hospital a day after the surgery for further recuperation at home. The success rate for this technique is high, as studies have shown that over 88% of the patients who have undergone this method of treatment fully recover within months. Most patients have also reported full return to their normal routine, including sexual potency and urinary control.

Dr David Samadi is a certified urologist and oncologist who specializes in minimally invasive methods of cancer treatment, most notably prostate cancer. He is known to have carried out over 7000 surgeries. He also treats other urologic cancers and diseases. He holds a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University and an MD from the State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Medicine.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_B._Samadi

Why David McDonald is President of the OSI Group

David McDonald is the President and Corporate Operations Officer (COO) of the OSI Group. According to its own home website of www.osigroup.com, OSI Group is a premier global supplier of food products for retail and food service brands. Thanks to David McDonald, the OSI Group has acquired Tyson Food, Flagship Europe, Baho Foods, etc.

David McDonald made the wise decision to join the OSI Group upon graduation from Iowa State University. After receiving a bachelors in Animal Science, he began his climb up the OSI corporate ladder. According to the Iowa State Foundation, he is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Cardinal and Gold Award, Faculty and Staff Award, Campanile Award, Governor’s Staff Award and the Corporation and Foundation Award.

David McDonald is a visionary who is always looking for unique ways to add to the OSI Group staff. By encouraging a vibrant internship program, he has been able to continually add talent to the staff. When he had the opportunity to host a tour of students from China to OSI, he turned that into an opportunity to intern and eventually hire a very impressive Chinese worker.

Thanks to an interview at Inspirery [http://inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/], we are able to understand some of the secrets to David McDonald’s success. He was willing to humbly start at the bottom to eventually become a project manager and then all the way to President. By striving to do the best he could at every offered position, he set himself and his company up for continued success.

In that interview, he also spoke about the importance of understanding and working with the local culture. He made it very clear that his company wants to treat everyone like family. This is not just his employees, but it includes his retail clients, food suppliers and their retail customers. His attitude is that his company’s products need to be the same quality he would feed to his own family.

The best way to think of David McDonald is to remember that a business can only survive if it is willing to adapt and evolve. By making strategic acquisitions like European supplier Baho Foods, he continues to guide OSI Group with great vision. With over 30 years at his company, he has always tried to encourage the changes that will keep his company successful in its mission.

To Know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Malcolm CasSelle, Master of Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CasSelle has his finger on the pulse of the future when it comes to cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer for OPSkins, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for the buying and selling of in-game virtual items. OPSkins is also one of the leading worldwide merchants of Bitcoins, a cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an anonymous individual known by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

OPSkins is now taking the next step in the virtual assets marketplace. They are launching a new blockchain platform known as the “Worldwide Asset eXchange” or WAX, with Malcolm CasSelle as the President. WAX allows the trading of virtual assets on a person to person basis, incorporating digital ledgers or blockchains, to maintain a running account of transactions in an efficient manner. Two of the biggest issues in virtual asset markets are fraud and a fragmented market. WAX addresses both of these issues by providing consumers with a blockchain enabled widget that allows for the instant sale and purchase of virtual goods without having to leave their game; essentially doing away with the fragmentation experienced when using payment methods that involve foreign exchange rates, language and the necessity of leaving the game to complete the purchase. Buyers and sellers can also take advantage of WAX Tokens, which allow consumers to convert virtual goods into tokens which can then be exchanged for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.

Considered to be a natural leader with outstanding organizational skills and a true talent for problem solving, Malcolm CasSelle is known for his creative thinking. He has obtained a master’s degree in computer sciences from Stanford University as well as a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from MIT. He also speaks Mandarin as well as Japanese. Malcolm is a daring entrepreneur with the keen ability to raise a company to its highest potential.

Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins as well as the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). In 2016, Malcolm was the President and Chief Technology Officer of Tronc (Tribune Publishing), where he was responsible for the creation of an advanced technology team as well as rapid growth centered on digital revenue. He was also Senior Vice President in charge of Digital Media for Seachange International, who purchased Timeline Labs – a company that centered on consumer interaction with modern digital content, where he was CEO from 2013 to 2015.

Malcolm has also led startups in a variety of ventures including Xfire, a social network designed for gamers with 22 million users, MediaPass, a digital subscription solution for media companies, as well as a joint venture with Groupon and Tencent in China. Malcolm has also staked investments in a number of prominent companies such as Zynga and Facebook.

Malcolm CasSelle is a master at creating business and raising money. As a co-founder of PCCW, a Hong Kong based company; Malcolm raised the value of the company to over $35 billion U.S. dollars. He also raised billions for PCCW’s public offering and was involved in raising millions for a variety of private transactions.

Sahm Adrangi Exposes Kodak’s Recent Developments

Kodak Company recently announced that its stocks have risen by 187%. This development was after introducing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in their business. Currently, Kodak has a digital currency called KodakOne. This company is a printing and imaging company that has been operational for the past one hundred and thirty-eight years old. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at Businessinsider.com.

Sahm Adrangi and his firm decided to conduct an analysis of this sudden occurrence. He was not very confident because the deal seemed too good, especially happening within such a short time. According to Sahm and his team, their conclusion was Kodak was trying to offset some financial difficulties. By announcing such a major opportunity to investors, they would be quick to buy shares and Kodak will resolve its financial problems.

Sahm Adrangi is a financial analyst and advisor. He is also like an activist who calls out companies with malpractices in their financial aspects. Sahm Adrangi does this to protect business people and investors from making mistakes with such companies. This is why Kodak got Sahm’s attention and was put under scrutiny.

Before the announcement of this ‘breakthrough’ Kodak was underperforming. In no time, it managed to get a license for a blockchain brand. Immediately, Kodak has increased its value to three hundred million dollars. In addition to these anomalies, the board members gave themselves shares one day before going public.

Learn: https://endpts.com/kerrisdales-sahm-adrangi-leads-a-brutal-new-biotech-short-attack-as-trial-results-loom/

After Kerrisdale evaluated the situation at Kodak they identified a few things. Introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency will not help the company. While these technologies are affecting companies positively, an imaging company will not benefit. Photographers would prefer to be paid cash as opposed to digital money.

Kodak believes it will resolve copyright infringement using blockchain. Unfortunately, these images will still have no rights as intellectual property. Blockchain does not give an easy way out when it comes to acquiring copyrights. Looking at the experts behind blockchain technology in Kodak, they are not known.

It questions their credibility and capability of seeing this project through. Sahm Adrangi understands Kodak wants to grow and start performing. This objective will not be achieved by using questionable techniques that look deceptive. They need real practical strategies to break even. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor.