Dr. David Samadi and Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Mitt Romney in the past was a presidential nominee for the Republican party. He just told the world that he went through prostate surgery in the summer of 2017. This was due to the fact that he had a tumor that was expanding in a slow manner. Dr. David Samadi received his tumor diagnosis toward the beginning of 2017. He was providing the public with information that pertained to his medical background. That means that there’s a strong chance that he’s going to attempt to replace Orrin Hatch. Hatch is a United States Senator who represents the state of Utah.

The University of California at Irvine in Irvine, California is home to a hospital. Dr. Thomas Ahlering works for this hospital. He also happens to be the individual who took care of Romney’s surgical needs. Roughly 161,630 males received prostate cancer diagnoses in 2017. Things are looking bright for Romney. His surgery went off without a hitch.

Prostate cancer is particularly common in males who are on the older side. The majority of cases are seen in men who are a minimum of 65 years in age. It’s not common at all in men who are younger than 40 years old. Men are usually around 66 years old when they find out that they have this kind of cancer. Romney is 70 years in age. There have been quite a few prominent politicians who have had prostate cancer surgery. Colin Powell used to be the Secretary of State. He had this surgery in 2003. His surgery involved the extraction of his prostate gland and took place at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. John Kerry had prostate surgery as well. This was in 2003 when he was working to land the presidency.

Men who have prostate cancer have to select radiation or surgical treatment. Many healthcare professionals favor surgery over radiation treatment. This is because fatalities are more common in cases of radiation treatment. Radiation can also make individuals more susceptible to other kinds of cancers. Examples of these are rectal and bladder cancer. Radiation can sometimes lead to side effects that can bring on the development of other medical issues.

David B. Samadi is a reputable doctor who has a position with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. David Samadi is a urologist who graduated from Stony Brook University on Long Island in New York. David Samadi is part of the American Medical Association.

Early life music career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is today a prominent financial as well as investment expert in Brazil. He has honors in MBA from the Sao Paulo University and BA from Pontifical Catholic University. However, something about Cassio Audi’s life is not known to many especially the millennials. Before he became a financial and investment adviser, Cassio Audi was a musician. This happened in his early life when he was a teenager. He was a member of the music band known as Viper. He had joined the band in 1985 before he went to college for his tertiary level education.

The Viper Rock Band was formed by Cassio Audi alongside four other members. They were all influenced in their music career by a British music group known as Iron Maiden, which specialized in heavy metal. Cassio Audi was the drummer in the group. He had exceptional drumming skills, a factor which made him an essential part of the group, especially during live performances.

Cassio Audi was part of the group as they released their first album known as “Soldiers of the Rising Sun.” This album was composed of songs such as Nightmare, Killera the Princess from Hell and Signs of the Night. These were the hit songs on the album. The album received great reception among fans and critics. Being their first album in a genre and a language that was not very popular in the Latin America region, this was a great achievement for the band. Viper band composed their songs in English which is a second language in the region.

Cassio Audi stayed in the band until 1989, when he left and joined the university to start his career in finance and investment related ventures. However, by the time he left, he had helped the Viper music band gain ground in the Latin America region. The group continued producing music and in 1989, they released their second album which was also a success.

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Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes, who currently lives in St Louis, Missouri, works as the Business Development Manager in Law Enforcement for Eagle Industries Unlimited. Fowlkes has strong and long term background experience with both law Enforcement and the military. This training has lead to him receiving several merit awards and promotions. He currently works for Eagle Industries Unlimited where he regularly connects with both customers and sales personnel all over the entire nation to provide product education as well as firsthand help and personal experience to make product selections and any sales an easy process.

His past work with Law Enforcement has helped to lead to him becoming a certified instructor in tactical rifle as well as defensive and warfare tactics.

The team he personally led was responsible for a number of high risk situation cases such as barricade and hostage situations.


Eagle Industries is a company that manufactures operational nylon gear and equipment. The company, which currently employs more than two thousand people, creates a variety of more than five thousand products. These products include a variety equipment and gear that is specially designed and made for the customers. Some of the most popular sought after purchases include tactical assault gear, vests, weapon transport gear, holsters, and other gear products. Their main customer base consists of law enforcement agencies at both the country wide level as well as on an international level. They also have military based customers that they work with.

Fowlkes took his personal experience from his previous work with the St Louis metropolitan Police Department where he worked as an officer for 10 years, the St Louis County Police Department where he worked for 3 years, as well as the 4 years he was enlisted as a Marine, where he worked hard and tirelessly to expand his knowledge with many various training and educational courses.

He performed missions that led to him gaining quite a well known reputation in the tactical defense world. All of these bits and pieces are what has led to Ronald Fowlkes being in the position he is in today.


Brown Modelling Agency Creates Gifted Models and Theatrical Talents

Wilhelmina Austin bought out Heyman Talent-South and has renamed the company The Brown Agency. The two agencies, by joining forces, has grown into one of the largest modeling talent and theatrical agencies in the Austin region. Justin Brown has stated that by merging with Wilhelmina Austin, they have built a respected full service agency. The Brown Agency now offers a broader selection of gifted actors and models to their clients, who are seen throughout the country.


The Brown Agency will be headquartered in Austin. There will also be a presence of the company in both Dallas and in Los Angeles. As CEO and president, Justin Brown will lead the company into becoming more successful. Michel B. Bonnee, the former founder of the Heyman Talent-South, now leads the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. Bonnee stated that the joining of the two agencies, with their combined expertise and talent will help the new company to offer greater opportunities to their clients and the talented individuals that they train.


Justin Brown worked his way through college by being a skinny jean model. He studied business management but was really more interested in what went on behind the cameras. He ended up training models to be pros and found them jobs in their field. He also helped the models to graduate to the big shows and runways. Justin now watches over the careers of over 450 talents. He makes sure all the talents have the proper photos and are introduced to the largest agencies in the world. With Justin’s own experiences in New York and Los Angeles, he can lead promising talent into larger agencies. The Brown Agency most likely places 20 to 30 percent of the talent in the larger agencies.


Many of the world’s largest brands use talent from The Brown Agency. Models and acting individuals have been placed with Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Toyota, Dell and thousands of other well-known companies. The agency feels they are only as good as their talent and they made sure their standards were high and met by all their modeling and commercial talent students. Many of their talents have been see in fashion shows gracing the runways for Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, the Miami Swim Week and many other shows.


The Brown Agency takes pride in delivering the highest professional, dependable and elegant talent that has ever come out of Austin. All students have been prepared to handle the larger market stages and perform elegantly. The days of the barroom runways is over. The Brown Agency is moving in the right direction, by hiring local and looking national. Austin is taking off at a fast pace and national campaigns are being done in Austin with the talents from The Brown Agency. Check out their Instagram page.



How Paul Mampilly is Helping Main Street Americans

Paul Mampilly is a renowned American investor who has managed to impress people with his exceptional skills. The financial guru spent his childhood days in Southern India where he was born. When the hedge fund manager was still a young boy, India experienced an enormous problem. The country was not able to pay its debts, and this led to a financial crisis. India chose to deal with the economic situation by seeking for private investments from some of its wealthy citizens. Paul Mampilly’s father was one of these people, and he was working in Dubai. The citizens who made this investment were given 18% return every year. Paul acquired this aggressive investment experience when he was young, and he chose to use it to make the lives of people better.

When Paul relocated to the United States at the age of eighteen years, he did not know that a great career was waiting for him. The businessman went to the university and later worked for several companies. Several years ago, the hedge fund manager decided to start offering his expert advice to the middle-class Americans who wanted to earn money and become wealthy. Paul is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a popular newsletter that has grown significantly in the recent times.

Profits Unlimited has only been on the market for a short time, and it currently has more than ninety thousand subscribers. The growing number of clients proves that the columns written by Paul Mampilly are well researched.The people who have used the advice published in the newsletter have made a lot of wealth.

In a recent interview, Mampilly says that most of his readers are the Main Street Americans who are looking for practical investment advice. Most of the people who take time to read his columns are those who want to grow their accounts efficiently and at the end of the day improve their current standard of living. Focusing on the needs of the middle-class investors has made Banyan Hill and Paul Mampilly very profitable in the competitive market.

Paul Mampilly is working as the chief editor of Profits Unlimited. When most periodicals are registering few subscriptions and shrinking revenues, Paul, and his team have grown the newsletter into one of the best in the United States. The hedge fund manager has been in the market for several decades, and he has acquired a lot of expertise when it comes to financial investments.

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Sussex Audiology Healthcare And The Services They Offer

There are so many articles today that can help you and your loved ones get empowered. Sure, most of the articles you read are fleeting and superfluous, but most of them are educating and informative.

This is the article that we will attempt to write here. In this feature, we will tell you of an example of a company that you and your loved ones suffering from hearing loss will appreciate. This article is about Sussex Healthcare Audiology services.

The Services

It may be easy to start our article here by saying that Sussex Healthcare Audiology is one of the prime and masterful companies in the U.K. that can offer the best provision, assessment and post-treatment assistance for people who have problems with hearing.

The services in the company include service for hearing-impaired patients, usually the elderly. It may also be useful to say here that patients of Sussex Audiology are most certainly happy and grateful to the friendly staff from Sussex Audiology.

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The Certification

It could also be worth knowing here that Sussex Audiology received the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) with IQIPS standards, which means that the patients under the programs of Sussex will be guaranteed of a superlative, unmatched and stellar series of services that will make even the most perspicacious and picky customer happy.

How impressive is it that you are now able to make sure that you get the audiology services that you need without worrying about quality?

A patient named Sharmila Reddy even confirmed the fact that Sussex Audiology Services were most certainly helpful of what the staff at Sussex Audiology had done.

The Mission of The People In Charge

It is also important to state here that the staff in charge of Sussex Healthcare have as its mission the service and provision of the most reliable and high-quality services that no other company can give.

The doctors and experts in tinnitus and hearing loss that manage Sussex Audiology Healthcare services will be able to offer you the kind of service that no other clinic can provide.


It is also necessary for you to know that Sussex Audiology Services is located in Berkshire, Surrey, and Sussex. They even have a clinic at the Burgess Hill Town Council and Meads Medical Centre.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

Adam Milstein; an Israeli-American Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American activist who together with his wife, Gila Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. Through this foundation, he provides charity to numerous organisations which help to strengthen the relationship between the Jew people in both United States and Israel. His philanthropic activities include funding, consulting, developing and providing partnership to organisations that deal with Jewish education, pro-Israel advocacy and general challenges facing the Jewish community as a whole. The Adam Milstein family, therefore, is substantially involved in the funding of the foundation as well as organisation and projects undertaken.

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Israel and recruited for the Israeli Defense forces in 1971 where he served during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and fought on the Egyptian front under the leadership of General Ariel Sharon. He later went to the Technion where he got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics. Milstein then joined the real estate construction and development business where his father worked. He works at the Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the firm’s financial and accounting sector. Hager Pacific specialises in reorienting and repositioning properties from industrial, multi-family, offices to retail.

Adam Milstein is also among the people who founded the Israeli-American Council. This organisation serves over 250,000 Israeli-Americans across the USA. The organisation’s main aim is to preserve, protect and strengthen the Jewish identities for future generations. It also helps to enhance the relationships between citizens of the United States and the citizens of Israel. It is also the fastest growing organisation in the world.

Adam Milstein operates his liberal philosophy through three principles these are; active philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy through which he ensures to support and fund non-profit organisations. These organisations empower people not only financial support but also through creating tailored programs that help people in different other ways such as empowerment of adolescents to rood-deep connections with the target population. In 2016, Adam was named one of the top 100 people who have played an essential role in empowering the lives of the Jewish people. He was also among the 25 twitter activists and more