Talk Fusion is a Beneficial Medium

“I’m glad to share my vision and insight with MarTech Advisor readers, so they can grow with this medium and learn why now is the time to make video the center of their marketing strategy,” Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, recently shared with the MarTech Advisor audience.

Video has boomed in popularity and is now being marketed as a valuable asset for sales professionals and marketing experts to have in their back pocket. Talk Fusion is the all in one Video Marketing Solution companies have been looking for to gain an edge in the marketplace and to start standing apart from the competition.

Bob Reina recently shared his views on video being used as a medium for advertising and why it’s a valuable tool to have in today’s age. Video has been a hot commodity since sites like YouTube have started to gain a wider audience. Not only is video valuable for improving customer retention and responses, but Talk Fusion comes with several products to make it an effective marketing tool.

One of the innovations of Talk Fusion that has made it so popular is that it utilizes video in a way to make it easy to use and effective. The drag and drop technology makes it easy for people with no experience with video to start using Talk Fusion right away. Why pay thousands of dollars in advertising costs when people can get started with Talk Fusion with just a few clicks of a button?

97% of purchasing decisions are influenced by video and Talk Fusion pairs that perfectly with its easy to use interface. Gone are the days where companies and businesses had to set aside a budget dedicated purely to advertising. Today, companies and businesses can take advantage of being able to use Talk Fusion to make videos quickly and efficiently.

Video are easier to share over social media accounts that other forms of advertisement. The customer stays engaged with the content, learns about the product or service being offered, and is persuasive. Increasing customer sales, response rates, and revenue has never been easier.

Waiakea Recognised as A Best Bottled Water Brand by 10 Best Water and Grub Street

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the first and unique triple bottom line premium bottled water, was named as one of the Best Water Brand of 2017. The announcement was made by 10 Best Water. Waiakea is well known for its taste, purity and commitment to social good and conservation. PR Newswire states that Waiakea water came in the second place but took the first place in its own category of the Best Volcanic Water of 2017. It managed to surpass other household names like Voss, Fiji, Icelandic Glacial, SmartWater and Evian in both its own category and overall as a bottled water brand.

Continued Excellence

This marks the third subsequent year that Waiakea has appeared among the top on the top brands’ list. Despite the fact that Waiakea is an emerging brand, 10 Best Water took note that it can be counted among the most dominant bottled water brands present in the world today. According to Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea, the company’s goal from the start was to bring changes to the whole bottled water industry.

The company wanted to bring the changes from within by setting a good example for the greater CPG industry. He added that the continued recognition of the company’s philanthropic and environmental initiatives proved that the company had a product that has the power to bring about some positive change. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Waiakea as a Conduit for Major Transformation

Waiakea water was the first ever U.S. bottled water to attain CarbonNeutral certification and it is fast becoming a channel to bring about major transformation in the beverages industry. These changes are amplified by the company’s sustainable sourcing, 100% RPET packaging and reforestation initiatives.

According to Global News Wire, Waiakea water further received another approval from the beverage and food critics present at Grubstreet who awarded the brand first place in the ‘Best Tasting’ category. Emmons summed up by stating that all these awards proved the point that consumer preferences are fast shifting towards products that are more sustainable, healthier and ethically-conscious. He added that the future of his brand and other likeminded brands was bright and his team was looking to see what would happen next.

About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea  water is sourced from Hawaii through both rain and snowmelt from the pristine peak of Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water is filtered naturally via thousands of feet of permeable volcanic rocks before it is bottled. This produces naturally alkaline, electrolyte-rich and most delicious waters. About 5% of all the revenue the company collects is directed to nonprofits and local community programs.

The Best EOS Lip Balms to Try

Lip balms have existed since the 1880s. Evolution of Smooth (EOS), however, took over the lip balm market about seven years ago by launching the EOS Lip Balms. These lip balms are unique in both packaging and flavors, with their cases round. Additionally, they are available in a wide range of fruit flavors, including watermelon, blueberry, honeydew, and lemon. The different flavors are made by mixing natural and organic ingredients, including berry ketones, cocoa butter, and shea. The different flavors come with various but affordable prices. This article discusses some of the top EOS Lip Balm flavors.

EOS Lemon Lip Balm

EOS Lemon lip balm tops the list for its mild citrus scent and ability to shield the lips from UV rays. The lip balm is made by mixing natural lemon with sweeteners to give the mouth a fresh and sweet taste. It also resists water for close to an hour and a half, making it ideal for use on a rainy day. The water resistance ability combined with the UV shielding ability makes EOS lemon lip balm the sure lip balm to apply when going for outdoor activities such as swimming on the beach. The lip balm also has a medicated version that has a healing effect on chapped lips.

The EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

This lip balm is famous for its healing and moisturizing effect. The lip balm is a mixture of several fruit flavors and shea butter, giving it a mild taste. For anyone with undernourished or chapped lips, then EOS pomegranate raspberry is a sure bet for maximum revitalization.

The EOS blueberry acai

This lip balm is popular due to its sweet flavor and natural moisturizing ingredients. It is a mixture of jojoba oil, acai, blueberry, and shea butter. It is also famous due to its unique bright blue sphere.

About Evolution of Smooth

EOS Lip Balms are products from Evolution of Smooth. Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller are the founding partners of the firm. The company currently produces over one million units per week and has an estimated net worth of $250 million. EOS products are available on major stores and online on eBay and Amazon. Also see,

EOS Facebook:

Putting together a fashion brand with a religious following; the story of Kate Hudson

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but not all the people are quite ready for the level of sacrifice that is needed for one to be successful in investing when thinking about investments such as fashion, there are many people who assume that it is as simple as getting the products to a shop and informing people about their presence. Well, it takes more than that. In fact, according to Kate Hudson and her Fabletics initiative, there is nothing that is trickier than investing in fashion

When she started her brand, all she had was an interesting idea and a lot of hope that it could work out. The good thing about the idea that she had in mind was that it had an innovative twist to it. She wanted to provide the regular clothes that people use when they are going out to work out, but she also wanted people to look fabulous in these clothes. She knew that active wear that was stylish was already a stretch on the imagination of many. To be a little different and better than every other company that was offering the same services out there, she decided that they would make the clothes affordable. This is the combination that has led to the fashion brand being followed like a cult.

Another thing that she noticed about the entire industry was that most of the people that buy clothes from the online stores do not treat retail as part of the overall experience. She realized that there are many customers that visit a site, look at the products that are on offer and their features and then proceed to shop elsewhere where the same products are cheaper. For the best customer experience, she realized that they would have to make retail part of the overall experience, but not the entire experience.

The business strategies that the company employed have been compared to many other successful ones in entrepreneurship. As a result of the planning and the success of the entire process, the company has been able to spread from their first base of operations to Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois and is planning to open stores in many other places. The company has been able to get a cult like following, especially among the young generation.

Then, the company decided to create the show rooming experience. They created physical stores that would allow them to help their customers get that customer experience that they value a lot. When the customer walks into their store, they have already ordered for the product online and the only thing they need to do is getting it. These are the tricks that Kate has been using for the success of the shop. So far, the company has been making an average of quarter of a million dollars each year and is expected to grow and become even more profitable. The only challenge that the company faced during the entire process is underestimating their capability. But they have expanded their industry to meet the demand for their clothes.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Scott Rocklage – Contributing To Healthcare Sector Through Knowledge, Experience And Resources

Scott Rocklage is one of the most prominent figures in the healthcare and life sciences sector. He currently serves as the managing partner at 5AM Ventures and is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 5AM Ventures helps the new life sciences research and developing companies in the healthcare sector to get the investment they need to pursue their projects and investigations and attain mainstream importance. Scott Rocklage did his graduation receiving Bachelor in Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He did his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at MIT, Scott Rocklage pursued his research in the laboratory of Nobel Prize Winner, Richard R. Schrock.

He has invented as well as co-invented many valuable items in the medical science and has over 30 patents in his name. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved several medicines researched and developed by Dr. Scott Rocklage. Over the years, he has been highly active in the medical and healthcare research field and has served various important positions in different companies. Since 2004, Scott joined 5AM Venture Management LLC, where he started as a venture partner but went on to become the managing partner.

His experience of over three decades in the healthcare management led him to finally get the FDA approval of several drugs, namely Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslascan. He has been associated with Salutar and Catalytica as a researcher and has served as the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. At Nycomed Salutar, he served as the President and CEO for many years. He was previously the chairman of the board at Novira and Relypsa. Other companies he serves as the board president includes Kinestral, Cidara, and Rennovia. At Epirus and Pulmatrix, he is one of the directors on the board.

The primary aim of Scott Rocklage today is to help the new and developing companies in the field of medical research and biotechnology to continue their growth and success. He, through his association with 5AM Ventures, identifies prospective businesses in the area of life sciences and makes an investment that does not only help the new companies but the healthcare service sector as well.




Dr Avi Weisfogel – Founder and Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

Dr Avi Weisfogel is the founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He founded this company in 2014. The aim of the company is to diagnose and treat sleep apnea by use of oral appliances. Recent studies have indicated a correlation between sleep apnea and lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and CVS disorders. This has necessitated renewed vigor in diagnosis, treatment and research. Dental Sleep Masters has joined the bandwagon.


It has an integrative model that works to provide a better primary and secondary health care for individuals with this condition. It brings together medical and dental health care providers on board. This model not only provides better care for the patients but also provides more opportunities for dentists and doctors. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a BA in Biology and Psychology from the Rutgers University.


He also holds a Doctorate in Dental Sciences from the New York University, College of Dentistry. He started out practicing general dentistry. He formed his first company in 1999 named the Old Bridge Dental Care. He worked there for over 15 years. He managed to do excellent work and was voted Best Dentist severally by the community. His interest in marketing dentists combined by his passion for sleep apnea made him create the integrative Dental Sleep Masters.


Dr Avi Weisfogel has also founded other companies such as Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012. Both companies work towards management of sleep apnea. He currently resides in New Jersey where his company (Dental Sleep Masters) is located.


Improving Cash Postion With Secured Notes

Nexbank has offered secured notes to investors.

They have raised funds by offering senior secured notes. The total offering and issuance of notes was $155 million. The notes have a maturity date in 2026, but are callable beginning in 2021. Whereas the bonds were listed as grade BBB, Kroll’s has stated that they are a stable investment. Nexbank‘s notes have had a traditionally good rating.

The bonds were issued to pay indebtedness and for general corporate purposes, mainly for capital.

They will not be traded on any exchanges and are not registered according to the Securities Act.

Within the past twelve months, Nexbank has raised over $200 million.

Nexbank has total assets of $4.64 billion. This shows a 71% increase over 2015.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a company that provides financial and banking services to institutions and corporations.

Their total loans at present stand at $2.83 billion, and their net income sits right around $84 million.

Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas, with four locations in Texas. Their overall market rate is two times the national average. They are the 14th largest bank in Texas.

They have four branches, and their clients are generally institutional clients and corporations. They are an outstanding moorage lender, and deal with SBA loans as well. They have invested in diverse industries and institutions, and boast many top 500 businesses as their clients.


It has been a fascinating journey to ever un-ending change in fashion industry, as well as the technological industry. These two industries have been seen to experience similar growth over time. How technology and fashion have grown, can be illustrated by the music industry. In the 70s, boom box was seen as such a fascinating creation. Over time, it was replaced by the two cassette decks, then there was the Walkman and a decade late the iPod was invented.

Currently, fashion designers are more concerned in creating what serves the market need, as well as align to the current technological needs. This combination brings innovation to a whole new better level. Technology is seen as a platform that provides designers with un-ending possibilities as well as rewarding them with change towards better innovation. This has seen the creation of the Dare Droid as well as Pseudomorphs, the self-painting dress, as some of the most recent inventions.

Fashion advancements have been in such a way that designs are now made using technology that provides protection to the users. A good example is a bike airbag which the rider wears around the neck, so that it pops out to protect one’s head during impact. This has been seen to replace the unfashionable bike protection, thanks to Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin the inventors of the airbag. Unlike helmets, one has better visibility while wearing the neckwear.

What is even more amazing, designers have been known to use materials that are recycled to come up with mind-blowing inventions. A good example is jackets and T-shirts created from inner tubes of a bicycle by SegraSegra. Most are the times when technology and fashion borrow from each other, one relying on the other to gain popularity.

This leads us to shining a light on Christopher Burch the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. A man with entrepreneurial values and vision for new market opportunities, applying imagination, creativity, incubation and support. He has been a main contributor to discovery of brands and businesses that have a direct, positive and lasting impact on the lives of many.

His company is currently supporting the development of several lifestyle as well as consumer products and brands. This has greatly brought an extensive change in the industry of technology as well as fashion industry. Being an investor, he so well understands the market impacts the two industries have, as well as their future potential.



Best Female Plastic Surgeon

  1. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and formally fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden was born in Texas and grew up in Austin where she graduated with Honors in Bachelor of Arts in Biology at the Texas University. She further advanced her studies in Medical Doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch as a Salutatorian. She has a residency training at The University of Texas Medical Branch in the Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, and in the Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency.

Dr. Walden specializes in Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), Body-Contouring (mostly after Massive Weight Loss), Botox, Brachioplasty, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reduction, Cheek Implants, Chemical/Micro Peels, Collagen Injection, Dermabrasion, Endoscopic Technique, Forehead Lift, Gynecomastia, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Lip Augmentation / Enhancement, Liposuction, Mastopexy (Breast lift), Chin Implant, Microtia, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery), Rhytidectomy (Facelift), and Wrinkle Reduction by Injection.

Dr. Jennifer Walden performs a large volume of breast augmentations and facial procedures as she especially specializes in aesthetic facial and breast surgery. She has also presented throughout the country and internationally within these topics.

Dr. Walden meticulously commits to the highest level of patient care and satisfaction and ensures that her patients make choices that are always within their best interest.


How Desiree Perez has strived to make Tidal Successful

Tidal is an upcoming music streaming company. The growth of the firm has been faster in the recent days since it has exclusively released albums of top musicians in the sector such as T.I, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Beyonce. All these artists are co-owners of the firm. The number of downloads of the Tidal app on the iTunes store has risen since the platform was used in launching top albums. The business has experienced a lot of defections in its executive administration in the past months, and its current CEO is Jeff Toig. One of the most influential people in the growth of the music streaming business is Desiree Perez. She is a close friend of the company’s founder, Jay-Z, and they have been working together for more than two decades. Mrs. Peres has been assisting the firm in sealing contracts with profitable musicians. She is the administrator of the SC Enterprise, and her husband runs the Roc Nation Sports.


According to, Desiree’s excellent negotiation skills have made her gain significant recognition in the industry. She is highly rated in the streets than any female administrator in the music industry. Information from the insiders of her organization indicated that she is the power behind Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and the Beyoncé Formation tour. She is one of the major affiliates of the Hova Circle of Influence. Other members of the organization are Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, Ty Smith, and Mr. Perez. They are managers of various units of Roc Nation and also run the activities of Tidal.

Have a peek on this.

Tidal music streaming service was established by Jay-Z. It was regarded as an underdog in the sector for many months, but it has been rising in the recent years. Perez has been assisting Jay-Z in transforming from rap to his music streaming business. She believes that her endless efforts will help the company to grow and be in business for a long time. Her skills have made the management of the firm to look easier. She has negotiated many deals that have made various profitable musicians to join the service. Mrs. Perez is the mindset that will facilitate the growth of the company.  Source:


The company has been striving to establish a niche in the business especially by attracting the young generation across the globe. It faces stiff competition from advanced services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The growth of the firm has also been boosted by the right partnerships that Jay-Z has created with musicians.

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